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Saturday, 24 November 2012

We Gathered Again

Yana, Gee, Syera, Akin and Fara came to Nürnberg again! Shop-till-drop day! But before that, we ate Yana's Strawberry Cheese Cake and Afiqah's super spicy Curry Noodle. It was delicious.

The prove of their Worthy to get married! hahahaha
before we went out shopping

you couldn't resist this!
Fara's new snowcap
awkward high heels
Make a happy face when you find a perfect winter boots
eat like Maharaja at Maharaja Palace
Sunday, and we went home.
Our next destination : Mannheim!!

Sunday, 11 November 2012

I Miss München!

I Miss München! A lot! well, I should be saying Munich but, München is kinda cute too! Yesterday I went to München. This trip is actually the trip that I plan for myself, so I plan on not telling anyone. Last minut changes,my friend tag along with me to München. One of our main reason is to meet up with our German Language teacher at GMI. Hell yeah it was surprising to many other GMI's staff were also here. our Chemistry teachers were here too! Yeah!

Miss Cynthia and Miss Lekshmi
Recording picture of statue along with the sound of Glockenspiel

and Frau Leng Lee said to me "Nad, du bist dick geworden!"

München is full with people demonstrating that they don't want a mosque to be build in München. There is a lot of police too. Then, I continue my trip to National Theater. All the shop near in this area are an expensive shops with orange light and golden interior design like Bulgari, Dolce&Gabanna, Jimmy Choo etc. Not my type of place. I like C&A, H&M and Pimkie more then any other else.

why would somebody bring their duck to the city??

National Theater

see? I told you!

Then I proceed to BMW World. The entrance to BMW World is free. BMW World is a showroom. the one that I want to go is BMW Museum but we didn't have enough time to do that, I might as well go there later. So do Allianz Arena. Because there is a game in the stadium, we postpone our trip.

outside BMW World

Mini Coopers

Sherlock Holmes' car?

view of BMW Museum

STop by at Olympia Park for some snack!

then, we met our friends from Regensburg and ate at a Thai/Vietnam Restaurant. The owner already recognize them that he gave us 3 free drinks and a plate of Chips!

Then, I went home at 9.11 with train after a short meeting with my friend Kim Sowon.

What a long post! Hahahahaha~

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Around Eid Adha in Germany

It is Eid Adha last Friday! So I went to classes wearing Baju Kurung. The windy weather is not an obstacle. I am really happy when one of my friend from Cameroon wished me "Schöner Feiertag"! I thought no one in my class knew we were celebrating Eid Adha on that day. As a small celebration, we at together at Mensateria OHM.

We ate fish fillet!
Me in Baju Kurung. 
On Saturday, I organised a gathering at my house for Eid Adha. I cooked Chicken's Rendang with a simple fried vegetables while Afiqah contribute some Sambal Daging. It is spicy! We did our Usrah at my house after that. Finally I got to meet Rahmah through Skype.

our lunch
my second attempt on Chickens' Rendang
At the same time, an event named Indoor Games MARAKumpel took place in Nürnberg. Because the location for Futsal and Badminton were so far away, we only went to pay a quick visit in at the Bowling's game. It is really cold outside as it was raining + flurries

all cars were covered in snow

Car Race match between Gee and Diyana
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