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Friday, 31 August 2012

Dream in Photography

I am thinking on getting on Polaroid camera. Not the old version, but the cute and modern version. Presenting Polaroid 300. Cute eh?

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Damage of TestDaF

It was a shocking news for all of us when we knew that the result of TestDaF will be announced on Monday. I was still sleeping when that chaotic situation appeared. Due to the problem with the website, I can check the result at Afternoon after trying so many time in the morning. So, I got 15 points for my TestDaF. I passed the exam but not the qualification for University of Applied Science (FH). And as a result, I need to take another exam which is DSH to make up for that 15 points

And the damages cause by TestDaF's result were massive. It turned our lives and dreams 180°! Enough with my part of damage. I don't wanna talk about my other friends. It is too painful

Moving Out

Carrying this whole bunch of luggage really gave me a hard time today! I was too tired and my hands, shoulders and legs hurts too

Monday, 27 August 2012

Basic Photography

Although I own a Nikon D40, I actually didn't know anything about photography. So tonight and since I didn't do anything, I decided to take some lesson on YouTube.

I learn from channel PhotographersOnUTube. His video are easy to understand and follow. For newbies in photography, I do recommend this channel.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

My First 9GAG's Post

As the title said, here my post on 9GAG

The Manner of Prophet Muhammad pbuh

I suddenly remember a story told by my Naqibah of Usrah, Kak Ain about Prophet Muhammad pbuh. She said that everything that Rasulullah did was a da'waa.

Prophet Muhammad pbuh always help a blind old lady. Since that lady is old, she had trouble with her food. So everyday Prophet Muhammad pbuh visit that old lady and chew some food for that lady. That old lady always bad-mouthing about Prophet Muhammad pbuh. She didn't know that the man who always help her is that person she always talked about. Despite her attitude, Prophet Muhammad pbuh never fail to go and help that old lady.

As year passed, Prophet Muhammad pbuh passed away. Now his best Friend Abu Bakar continued to help that old lady replacing his best friend. That old lady felt the difference and asked, "this is different from usual. Who are you and where are the person who usually help me?" Abu Bakar explained "That person who used to help you is Muhammad. He already passed away" Shocked with that news, the old lady felt ashamed. She then embraced the one true religion, ISLAM.

That Curiosity

I am a girl with passion. Everything that I like and love, I’ll do it energetically. The same thing as my passion towards Japan and its culture. The Japanese might find it normal as they are many foreigners who has a weird obsession towards them.

After watching tons of Japanese dramas, I already get used to their language or Nihon-go. I already know a few things about their education system, about their religions, their politeness and mostly their culture. As a Muslim myself, I somehow try to relate myself with them. A lot of question pops into my mind.

Since most Japanese are workaholic, how is it for a Muslim to perform prayers at work? Since their kindergarten provide food for kids, how did the Muslim’s kid eat? Since they go to school wearing skirt for the girls, what did the Muslim’s student wear to school?

islamic centre japan school plan

So, I started to search about it on Google. My guess is “ Muslim kid in Japan” and “Islam in Japan”. After trying to read a few websites, I stumble upon this article which I found really interesting and really answered my questions. You can read it here. Even I myself read it so many times as it is written beautifully.

tokyo jamee mosque

Then, I try to search on YouTube, to see if I can find any video related to it. I watch a few video about children in an event. I’m attracted to this song…

Ichi ban me, ALLAH daisuki

Ni ban me, RASULULLAH suki

San ban me, Mama Papa suki

Ichi, ni, san minna daisuki...

Then, I started to watch a few related videos about Japanese people convert to Islam…



Suddenly, I burst into unexplained tears…

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Sommerfest in Olympiapark

After living in Munich for almost 5 month, I didn't even realized that there's Sommerfest going on near my hostel. Luckily we managed to went at the last day of the festival which is also the last day of Ramadhan. So, our final break-fasting in year 2012 was at Sommerfest with just Kebab.

Happy Eid AL-Fitr!

A small greetings from a big person like me! 

Eid Al-Fitr in Germany

After one month fasting, we finally celebrated Eid Al-Fitr. This is the first time I celebrate Eid Al-Fitr without my family. To make sure that our festive days in Germany were no different than in Malaysia, we planned to cook a lot of dishes. The boys did planned on celebrating Eid Al-Fitr together, but since they didn't willing to prepare a room for us to sleep (not a gentleman), we refused and planned our own celebration. Merrier and cheaper

After a few discussion, we decided to cook Rendang Ayam, Pulut Kuning, Kari Ayam, Lontong and Nasi Impit. Not to forget the cookies that we already baked last week. My mom sent a few type of traditional chips for me. Our Eid Al-Fitr is just the same as in Malaysia. We ate Rendang and Lemang. We visit others. We wore baju Kurung. So.. Let the picture do the talk!

Saturday, 18 August 2012

My Love Life

Hm, somehow I feel like talking about love today. I never love anyone but a boy from my high school days. Nah, I already forget him and move on. It takes a few years though, not to care about him.

So, to be honest, I actually never really thought about why I love him. Appearence maybe contribute about 20%. Behavior contribute about 30%. Remaining 50% is a mystery even for me. After a while, I realized that I care and want to know more about him. That was the trigger.

As any normal girl would do, I try to give present and things to him. But all of it was a secret action through my friend. I gave him a necktie, a planner book, a cap and many more. I never actually saw him wore that tie although my friend said that he wore that tie one day. And everytime I could get closer to him, I will be really happy.

We also went to the same camp after we graduate our high school. For me, that day was a history. I took all my confidence and courage, and confessed to him. Its not really through "I ♥ U" phrases. I'll never forget that day. The surrounding, the talk, the accident, our friend's chit-chat. Everything are glued in my brain. After I confessed, he stood up and walk away. As I predicted. Shock and rejected.

We never met after that camp. I sent a message telling everything that I want to tell. After 3 month we met again at a camp. That is definitely awkward for me.

After 3 month and finally meeting him, I somehow behaved stupidly and idiotic. I once remove him as friend from facebook (re-add after I got my sense back). The worst thing is I nicknamed him Mr. F***. He once really angry to me and scold me virtually at facebook. I was the one to be blame! Until now, I am ashamed of myself. So, even if he didn't forgive me, I am willingly to accept that decision. Because I know I didn't deserve his forgiveness.

Until today, I think he still ignore and avoid any contact with me, virtually or reality. "Don't worry I don't have the same feeling as 5 years ago". I glad to know that he is a really good person. I think he already found the woman of his life. "Well friend, I'm happy for you. Don't forget to invite me to your wedding ceremony. I'll definitely come!". I am now just a friend with a history to you

P/s : could you just be my friend?
P/s : I never love someone ever since

Friday, 10 August 2012

Dream Room

Since I got free time yesterday's evening, I play The Sims 3 after a while. Then, a wild idea came. How about I plan my future room for later. Since Afiqah, Fara and me will be moving to a new house together, I might as well have an amazing multi-fuctional room. hehe. So, I planned the layout with The Sims 3.

 So this is the  view of my planned dream room later

The Bed area

 Relax area. I want to use a Sofa-bed, so that when someone visit me and want to spend the night, I have a comfortable place for them to sleep.

the Study area

Groom and Closet area. I am planning on getting a walk-in closet. Closet near the wall is for clothes that need to be hang while the one near the desk are using 2 book shelves. One facing inside for a clothes that need to be fold or other things. While the other one facing the study area are for my books. 
*The Sim does not have a high closet, so I used book shelves to represent the closet.

How about your dream room?

Auer Jakobi Dult

Since I missed the last Auer Mai Dult in Spring, I decided to go to the one in summer which is Auer Jakobi Dult. Overall, it just look like a flohmarkt which sell both cheap and expensive things. Well, I don't know why, but since I arrived in Germany, I reall like to go for window shopping in flohmark. So, I definitely don't want to miss Auer Dult. For more information about Auer Dult, click here.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Tight on Money

Well, as the title said, I now didn't have enough money to live. The reason might as well my DSLR. Should I sell it? A lot of money will be spent in September. For house, for semester's fee, for Insurance, for meal, for moving-out and for everything.

The senior once offer to lend some of their money but she also now need some money to move out and for furniture. Now I'm really stuck and desperate. Might as well need to lent some money from my parent, since MARA won't be giving money for the next 3 month. Lend one's money is something that I really want to avoid. Hm... what should I do?

Goodbye Münster

At first, I set my goal to study in FH Münster and I was really confident that I can get 16 point or above for my TestDaF exam. After TestDaF, I lost my confidence and decided to study in Nürnberg

I had one friend who applied to FH Münster too. So I was encouraging him so that both of us do our very best. Somehow I felt betrayed when I heard that he give up on Münster without telling me. But in the end, I felt guilty for pushing him like that. Sorry my friends.

Besichtigungstermin für Wohnung

Besichtigungstermin für Wohnung, when translated to English is a survey appoint of a house. Since I already decided to study in Nürnberg, I've been searching for a place to live. Well I found one and really like it.

The place is cozy and comfortable. Its is also fully-furnished. I immediately mailed the owner that I wish to rent her Wohnung. What makes me worried is that she haven't reply my email. I hope I could live in that Wohnung

P/s : I really want to live in that Wohnung!

Things I Want To Do.

There are a lot of things that I want to do or learn right know. Might as well make a list about it! Y(^_^)Y

1. Learn to play Piano
2. Learn either Judo or Kendo.
3. Learn to cook and bake
4. Learn to sew
5. Travel around the world.
6. Live in Japan
7. Wear a yukata
8. Open my own business
9. Learn about psychology
10. Learn to make a deduction like Holmes

Well, there are a lot more things that I want to do and learn. But I was wondering, will I make it?

Learning Hiragana

To pass my boring time in Tram or Train, I learn hiragana from an android's apps. I learn the sound and the stroke order. I had only learn until M-hiragana. Sometimes I learn about sentences, word and grammar. After finishing this hiragana, I plan to learn katakana followed by the hardest part in japanese writing, kanji.

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